How we do what we do

Education. It’s something that many of us take for granted. However, all over the world, there are people who are longing for knowledge that has become a standard part of life for most of the developed world.

Education is key in the projects that Exousia has developed. Whether it be additional education for those already studying to broaden their knowledge or education for adults to help them enter the workforce; Exousia is committed to helping people better themselves and in turn, their families and communities.

Below you will find Exousia’s projects using education to improve the lives of so many disadvantaged people in Myanmar.

Health Education Project

A Journey towards a healthier Myanmar

Exousia developed the Health Education Project as a vehicle to fight the growing number of lifestyle illnesses present in Myanmar. By training nurses and communities leaders in making healthier lifestyle choices, we hope to see a shift towards a healthier future for the beautiful people of Myanmar.

Project Partners

Strength in numbers

Over the years, Exousia has partnered with other, like-minded Australian organisations to ensure that the projects we run deliver the greatest positive impact possible. The support these partnerships have provided has been invaluable as Exousia further develops to serve the needs of the people of Myanmar and beyond.