A Journey towards a healthier Myanmar

Exousia developed the Health Education Project as a vehicle to fight the growing number of lifestyle illnesses present in Myanmar. By training nurses and communities leaders in making healthier lifestyle choices, we hope to see a shift towards a healthier future for the beautiful people of Myanmar.

Myanmar is located in South-East Asia, nestled between Thailand, China and Bangladesh. For many years, Myanmar and its people had been hidden from the world for many varying reasons.

Myanmar had been suffering in silence during this time of isolation, as the country experienced war, natural disasters, and extreme poverty. The Myanmar people have very little access to health care. As a result, their life expectancy is much shorter than that of their neighbours. In fact, Australians are expected to live 16 years longer than the average person in Myanmar.

How are we helping?

Since 2011 Exousia has been working alongside communities and health professionals to help build a healthier, stronger Myanmar. We do this through our Nutritional Health Education project.

The majority of our impact lies in bi-annual trips where skilled professionals, like Naturopaths and Nutritionists, volunteer their time to join an Exousia Abroad Trip to share vital information with nurses in training, parents, educators and developing communities. We do this by holding training seminars at nursing colleges and community locations in and around the Yangon area. Because Exousia’s focus is preventative health care, time is spent covering nutrition for the prevention and treatment of common illnesses like diabetes.

Furthermore, to support the students ongoing learning, we deliver our Household Health and Sanitation manual as part of the training. The manual was developed by Exouia’s resident Nutritionist (and President) Phil Sooveere and has been translated into the Myanmar language. To date, this resource has been delivered to over 5000 Myanmar families.

We couldn’t do this without the support of our volunteers both here and abroad.

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