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Support our Health Education Project
Exousia's Health Education Project was developed to increase awareness of the importance of good nutrition in living a healthy life.
By equiping Myanmar's up and coming nurses, as well as the general community, with the tools to make informed desisions about their health and well being, we hope to see a reduction in lifesytle related illnesses prevelent in Myanmar's society.
Through our partnership with One Health Organisation, Exousia are looking forward to continuing this important work in Myanmar.
To support our Health Education Project please contact us using our contact page or alternatively email our team at
Support our Vocational Scholarship Project
Our Vocational Scholarship Project is aimed at helping disadvantaged people find gainful employment within their communities. This project provides education, training and work experiance to the participant to empower them to achieve fulltime employment.
Exousia, in partnership with Global Development Group (GDG), are excited to see people lives changed through this project.
Please visit GDG's website to support our project.
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