Strength in numbers

Over the years, Exousia has partnered with other, like-minded Australian organisations to ensure that the projects we run deliver the greatest positive impact possible. The support these partnerships have provided has been invaluable as Exousia further develops to serve the needs of the people of Myanmar and beyond.

One Health Organisation

One Health Organisation (OHO) are a project partner for our Health Education Project.

Our partnership began in 2012 with a generous donation of nutritional supplements to be sent to Myanmar. That was the beginning of an exciting relationship and although we didn’t know it yet, the partnership was set to become vital to continuing our work.

As our organisation rebuilt itself into Exousia, OHO was a constant source of support and as we discovered what our new organisation was becoming.

To this day, OHO continues to be an incredible source of support and encouragement for Exousia as we work to see the continuation of Knowledge Empowering Change.

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You can donate to Exousia’s Health Education Project through One Health HERE

Global Development Group

Global Development Group (GDG) are a project partner for our Vocational Scholarship Project.

GDG first partnered with us in the days of MyKids. With the changes to the organisation over the past 3 years, we are pleased to continue our partnership with GDG as we see our scholarship project develop into a life-changing opportunity for many disadvantaged people and their families.

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You can donate to Exousia’s Vocational Scholarship Project through GDG HERE