Nancy is Exousia’s local knowledge. Being a Mynamar national, Nancy is Exousia’s gateway into how we can best help her country.

Nancy Shwe was born in Chin State, Northern Myanmar. After graduating from high school she worked in Singapore for several years during which she broadened her English skills. After the passing of her father, Nancy returned to Myanmar and began working with Myanmar Vision International (MVI). Her roles were quite varied – she provided general administrative support, directly cared for the many children under the care of MVI and acted as translator for foreign visitors to name a few.

As part of the Exousia team, Nancy’s role is that of international liaison. This includes communicating with the numerous government and non-governmental bodies Exousia now deals with. When our Exousia Abroad team is in Myanmar, Nancy is our go-to for their translating and any other support needed by the team.

Having Nancy part of the team provides valuable insights to Exousia about the changing needs of her country.

Want to get in touch with Nancy? Send her an email!